Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baz and Guy go home

On Friday (5-16) my sister and I took Baz and Guy to the Siberian Specialty in Gardner, KS. Baz was very well behaved in the ring, but just didn't have enough sparkle. He took fourth in his class--no points.
Guy went home with is Mom, and Baz went home with my sister. We are hopeful Baz can earn his final Major and get his CH. He's a very pretty dog, it just may take some time.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Switch

Alicia and I have switched dogs. I have Bazz and am doing a little work on handling and a lot of work on grooming. We've had a little heat wave and he's molting.
This morning I took him outside in my driveway to use the undercoat rake to get out some of the loose fur. He was on a 6' lead that was hooked over my arm. I was plucking his back leg and he decided he could make a break for it. He pulled his leg free of my hand and took off on high. Unfortunately, I was expecting it (Timber *was* half Siberian) and he hit the end of the leash. He whirled around and looked at me, with absolute shock on his face. Poor boy!
When I took Guy over to Alicia's it was a cooler day and I decided to bike him over. Guy did very well at first. He was a little nervous of the bike, but figured out that it wouldn't run him over. But when I turned onto the bike path, he became a basket case. He was afraid of the cars that were on the street (10' away), the mud puddles and even a stray mailbox. I think I overwhelmed him a little. He's doing fine now at Alicia's.
I've been working with Guy on the retrieve, he's gotten stuck. He'll put his mouth on the dumbbell, but won't put pressure on it, or hold it. Alicia's agreed to continue working on the retrieve to see if she can get him to pick it up/carry it.
At my house Guy's cat fixation had increased to the point of grabbing one of the cats on the cat shelf and dragging him off. At Alicia's the cats are much more comfortable with life in general less afraid of everything.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guy, the lap dog

Apparently Guy is afraid of thunderstorms. That's the only reason I can come up with why he thought he was a lap dog tonight. I got home from work about 9 and let the dogs out in the back yard. It was spitting a little, but nothing major it was warm outside and my dogs were running around. Guy kept digging at the back door to go inside. I thought he wanted to go after the cats.
Guy has now decided that hunting cats is much more fun than just catching sight of them and barking. He uses his nose and will track them--he would be a very good tracking dog!
When I let him in, I came into my office to do a little work on the computer and it began raining harder. Guy came up and put his front paws in my lap. That's fine, I took the opportunity to clip his front toenails and groomed him a little. Then he decided that the back half had to come up also. He hooked his rear toenails into my thigh and began to climb, much like a rock climber. Needless to say I made quite bit of noise and he stopped trying to climb up.
After that I told to get off and lay down. He's laying in between my feet and my desk. This is normally where Quinn lays to stay out of Danny's way.
The thunderstorm is the only thing different from the last few Tuesday nights where my routine is pretty much the same. At least his front toenails are nicely groomed and so is his head and shoulders.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Guy, my new fashion advisor!

This weekend, I debuted my dog Quinn at the Seward County Kennel Club Rally trial.
Friday night, I'd planned out what I was going to wear on Saturday. Saturday night I went to bed early and I didn't plan for Sunday. So this morning I'm running around trying to decide what to wear, what shoes to wear, etc. I finally got dressed except for my shoes. I had let the dogs out back to play and when I let them back in, Guy took off. I assumed he was looking for the cats, but who knows with dogs.
Not even a minute later here he comes with one of my shoes. I asked him what he had, and he was a little hesitant, but he came over to me. Instead of taking the shoe, I told him to bring it along and we walked into the living room where I'd left this particular pair of shoes. He looked so happy, he just pranced. When I held out my hand he placed the shoe in it and willingly let me have it. What a good dog!
Now I'm pretty good about keeping dirty laundry picked up, but my biggest flaw is taking off my shoes where ever and leaving them lay around. Since Guy has a strong opinion on what shoes I should be wearing I guess I'll let him be my fashion coordinator.
I hope he doesn't bring me heels tomorrow--it's going to be a busy day.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guy meets the cats

Guy finally figured out I have cats. Overall I don't 'introduce' the dogs to the cats. The cats, Briseaus and Ronin, are very dog savvy and chose low arousal moments to make appearances and introduce themselves.
Unfortunately, Guy decided that the cats were obviously prey and needed to be not only chased, but possibly eaten. His major mistake (and the cats' saving) was to bark instead of run. The cats made their escape and went where Guy could not reach them. Since his first meeting with the cats, he's cornered Ronin under my vanity, which was an incredibly stupid place for Ronin to hide. Later he barked at Briseaus as she sat on the dining room table. He had been off his tether, but now he's back to being attached to me. When the cats are upstairs I make sure to put up the gate so they have some peace. He's not constantly looking for them, so if they're in the cat play house or on their shelf Guy doesn't usually bother them.
I have no idea if he'd really harm them, and in all seriousness, I'm more concerned that Danny or Quinn (the cat's Daddy and Mommy) would try to hurt Guy in an attempt to protect their babies.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Playing in the backyard

The dogs are bored, it's kind of warm and muggy--just a taste of what's to come, so I took all the dogs out back to play. I started throwing toys for various dogs, but Guy couldn't stand the fact Missy kept grabbing the toy and he started chasing her. This is something Missy loves and she was then no longer interested in the toy. Danny on the other hand ignored them and happily retrieved the tennis ball. I turned on the hose to clean off my outdoor furniture when I discovered that Guy has the same passion that Lacey, the Aussie, does--trying to catch the water coming out of the hose.
This is a new hobby for Danny, he's never before been interested in it, but this spring he's done it a couple of times. Guy though is a close up and personal kind of dog. He wants to grab the full blast that comes right out of the handle. Now Lacey will grab the handle (and the hand attached to it) Guy isn't that bad. He did get quite wet and looked extremely happy and tired. I'll give him some extra kibble tonight, he worked hard today.

Guy goes to class

I took Guy to the Thursday night drop in class. It was small, only one other dog. I mostly worked on him focusing on me as a new handler. He remembered what he'd learned pretty quickly and did some nice heeling and recalls. He moves nicely to the left but not to the right, so I'm working on that. He's got most of the basic obedience stuff down, so to entertain him, I'm working on retrieve. When I presented the dumbbell he touched it with his nose at first. I did get him to open his mouth and start to take it, but then shied away as if he got scared before he actually took it. I don't know what made him back off, but he went back to nose touches. I ended on a success and we went home. I've tried it again just once and we didn't get as far (that may have been because Danny was screaming obscenities in his crate in the office).