Sunday, April 27, 2008

Guy, my new fashion advisor!

This weekend, I debuted my dog Quinn at the Seward County Kennel Club Rally trial.
Friday night, I'd planned out what I was going to wear on Saturday. Saturday night I went to bed early and I didn't plan for Sunday. So this morning I'm running around trying to decide what to wear, what shoes to wear, etc. I finally got dressed except for my shoes. I had let the dogs out back to play and when I let them back in, Guy took off. I assumed he was looking for the cats, but who knows with dogs.
Not even a minute later here he comes with one of my shoes. I asked him what he had, and he was a little hesitant, but he came over to me. Instead of taking the shoe, I told him to bring it along and we walked into the living room where I'd left this particular pair of shoes. He looked so happy, he just pranced. When I held out my hand he placed the shoe in it and willingly let me have it. What a good dog!
Now I'm pretty good about keeping dirty laundry picked up, but my biggest flaw is taking off my shoes where ever and leaving them lay around. Since Guy has a strong opinion on what shoes I should be wearing I guess I'll let him be my fashion coordinator.
I hope he doesn't bring me heels tomorrow--it's going to be a busy day.


Robin Sallie said...

I read all you posts.

Robin Sallie

Marcy said...

Thanks for letting me know, I hope I'm not too boring!;-)