Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Playing in the backyard

The dogs are bored, it's kind of warm and muggy--just a taste of what's to come, so I took all the dogs out back to play. I started throwing toys for various dogs, but Guy couldn't stand the fact Missy kept grabbing the toy and he started chasing her. This is something Missy loves and she was then no longer interested in the toy. Danny on the other hand ignored them and happily retrieved the tennis ball. I turned on the hose to clean off my outdoor furniture when I discovered that Guy has the same passion that Lacey, the Aussie, does--trying to catch the water coming out of the hose.
This is a new hobby for Danny, he's never before been interested in it, but this spring he's done it a couple of times. Guy though is a close up and personal kind of dog. He wants to grab the full blast that comes right out of the handle. Now Lacey will grab the handle (and the hand attached to it) Guy isn't that bad. He did get quite wet and looked extremely happy and tired. I'll give him some extra kibble tonight, he worked hard today.

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