Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guy goes to class

I took Guy to the Thursday night drop in class. It was small, only one other dog. I mostly worked on him focusing on me as a new handler. He remembered what he'd learned pretty quickly and did some nice heeling and recalls. He moves nicely to the left but not to the right, so I'm working on that. He's got most of the basic obedience stuff down, so to entertain him, I'm working on retrieve. When I presented the dumbbell he touched it with his nose at first. I did get him to open his mouth and start to take it, but then shied away as if he got scared before he actually took it. I don't know what made him back off, but he went back to nose touches. I ended on a success and we went home. I've tried it again just once and we didn't get as far (that may have been because Danny was screaming obscenities in his crate in the office).

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